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How to Create Your Future

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Published: 4 years ago

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A brilliant free ebook that teaches dozens of different techniques for accomplishing any goal you desire and creating your future life however you can imagine it. This book draws on the expertise of 16 world-class authors and teachers who have each contributed an outstanding lesson on various topics such as setting goals, manifesting money, creating a magnetic personality, increasing your brain power, and simply being happy, no matter what. Here are some sample chapter titles: Being Enlightened Gets You Everything In Life; Two Magic Words; The Greatest Obstacle to Happiness; How A Secret Word Changed My Life; How to Order From the Universe

This is not an e-book nor free!!!!. This is a pdf with full of excerpts from the e-books that they sell and full of links to other websites they you can buy the e-books from. If someone is trying to make money by deceiving others, what kind of "spiritual enlightenment" they can offer you.... And the name of the authors are made up names.... Probably the books they are selling are stolen from other books and put together just to suck your money out of your pocket, and they will call it, they created their future....


Ilya Alexi

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