How to Create Kindle books using HTML Templates


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This book provides a comprehensive explanation of what is involved in writing , formatting, compiling, checking and publishing a Kindle book. Starting with a basic explanation of how HTML tags work, there is a logical progression to using the Kindle Previewer to compile HTML files. OPF format files are explained. Techniques are presented to design covers for Kindle books without getting involved with PhotoShop, Gimp or other sophisticated tools. The advantage of Amazon Kindle Direct publishing for first time authors is also discussed. The focus of the book is to guide new authors to how to set up shop for long term involvment with Kindle Direct Publishing.

alwynn morgan

A book with some interesting ideas however I found that some of the links to suggested programs like kindle reviewer didn't work and I had to get it a different way. Worth a go though for straight forward text, tables though don't seem to work when it comes to reviewing them.


Pardu Ponnapalli

Pardu Ponnapalli is an IT professional working as an Enterprise Architect. He has been a Star Trek buff all his life. He lives in Poolesville, MD his wife, son, dog and his cat. After earning a Ph.D in Physics, he was promptly rewarded with unemployment. Realizing that he had lofty ambitions in life (like eating), he switched into the lucrative IT industry. He has been an IT professional for about 20 years. His hobbies and passions include chess, astronomy and most of all spending quality time with his son.

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