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How to Cook Indian Food: Over 150 Recipes for Curry & More

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Published: 6 years ago

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Indian Food is not just curry, but deserts and drinks as well! These recipes have been put together painstakingly by myself for you to enjoy. It is a collection from all over India and from some of the top Indian chefs and restaurants. You don’t have to stick to the recipe; change them to make them hotter or milder. Swap chicken for fish and so on. Add things you like and take away things you don’t like. You can always add meat to any of the vegetarian dishes as well.


I have really enjoyed the reading of it although I have not yet made any of the recipes. I will get there. The book is well written and the index is wonderful, very helpful. There are still some ingredients in the recipes that I am in a quandary about which is why I've not cooked any of the recipes yet.

Teri Shapiro

It's what I am looking for,index in the beginning is VERY helpful for use in general for those who are getting into indian cuisine and cooking. Thank you for sharing this book!


This book is a very complete book of the main dishes in India and clarifies the spices needed to a great extent. Ireally enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it.


Well set out with great info to assist novices to Indian food. It's great to see a photo for every recipe. Also easy to follow recipes. I rate highly

Bill Sorby

Some really great recipes!! However, some were hard to read when superimposed over illustrations.


THANK YOU for sharing this book!! :) Years ago, I had Pakistani neighbors and they cooked traditional Indian meals. At first, they were a little "hot" for me; but I soon learned to eat everything they made and truly loved Indian cooking so much better than my boring cooking. The Terms & Guide in the beginning are helpful and a good memory refresher. I really appreciate the pictures (which many cookbooks do not have). I had forgotten the name of many dishes, but the pictures reminded me of what they were. My all time favorite is Chicken Tikka, but EVERYTHING Indian is fantastic! Great book!


good book


Dave Winstanley

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