How to Convert Cassette to Audio CD HTML version

1. Music Burner Software Application (Music Studio 3 from Ashampoo web site).
2. Line-in Plug, the one which plugs into the head phone socket (male plug on both ends).
3. Any Cassette Recorder Player.
4. Tape music.
5. Blank CD’s - Read only(R) or Rewriteable (R/W).
6. This Tutorial.
CD Recommendation
Look for bargain CD’s in your local electronic or food store such as Maplins, Lidl, and Tescoe. Make
sure they say 80 minutes or higher on the label. Some store (Maplin, Argos etc) sell them by the
hundred or 50’s at a greatly reduce price.
The rewrite disc might be more expensive than the read only disc. The choice is up to you. Just bear in
mind these few pointers:
Rewrite (CD/RW) disc means you can record to it any amount of times.
Read (CD/R) disc means you are only allowed one record – it cannot be overwritten.
CD/RW disc is similar to a new cassette – the tabs are unbroken.
CD/R disc is similar to a cassette that has the tabs broken to prevent the tape being overwritten.
Comparing Cassettes to a CD
60 minutes cassette tape music (30 minutes on each side) will fit comfortably on a single 80
minutes audio cd.
90 minutes cassette tape music (45 minutes on each side) will not all fit on a single 80 minutes
audio cd.
Difference between Audio and MP3 Music Files
1. Audio files are very big files.
2. Audio music quality is much better than an mp3.
3. Audio sound format is call wav – for example Track1.wav.
4. An mp3 cd can hold far more files than an audio cd (about 10 times or more – don’t quote me
on this).
5. The quality of mp3 music is not as good as an audio equivalent.
6. MP3 sound format is call mp3 – for example Track1.mp3.
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