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Chapter Two
There is only one thing that stops us from realising our potential and having an amazing life and that
is FEAR. As I mentioned in my other books, lots of us had horrible childhoods where we abused in
some shape or form. My intention is not to apportion blame or have anyone dwell on the unhappy
aspects of that time but it is important to understand where our feelings of fear originate. Fear leads
to anger which leads to hate that is either internalised as self sabotaging behaviour or externalised
and projected onto others as bullying behaviour. Bullies see others as the problem and themselves
as perfect so they tend not to read self help books. If you are reading this then you are probably a
people pleaser like me. A desire to always please others stems from an addiction for approval which
at its core is a fear of being disapproved of.
You are reading this because deep inside you know there is a better, stronger and smarter version of
you. You want more than anything to be able to find the key which will unlock your potential once
and for all and help you to the live the life you've always dreamed of.
Helping people find themselves and their Power is an awesome responsibility. There are many
vulnerable souls who desperately seek solutions for heart wrenching problems. I promise you I do
not take that responsibility lightly. I genuinely want to help and can help you if you are ready. The
solutions I offer do not require pills or potions, you don't have to part with massive amounts of cash
or buy any kind of technical equipment.
No, the solutions I offer are spiritual, emotional and psychological. They are simple and easy to
implement. The Truth is they work and I know they work because I use them every day.
Let's get to the Truth.
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