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4. Good Navigation
Having good navigation is important to the indexing of your web pages. There is nothing
worse than arriving at a website and having difficulty understanding where to go for the
information you are seeking. Have easy to use, clearly marked navigation so your visitors
click through instead of click-away in frustration.
5. Right Keywords
Use your keywords both low and high on the web page, keywords should be in the first
sentence and in the last one. Keep in mind that for the target audience to find a site on the
search engines, the page must contain keyword phrases that match the phrases the target
audience is typing into search queries.
The first step before starting your SEO (and PPC campaigns as well) is to make the best
keywords list possible. It is a fundamental step that will have a strong impact on your
campaign success. Avoid expensive general keywords: you will certainly get a high rate of
impressions, but not necessarily high conversion sales. Focus on specific key phrases that will
get more highly targeted people to your site.
I would advise you to apply the following methodology to choose the right words:
1) Organize a brainstorming with your co-workers, business partners, friends and relatives
to find keywords relevant to your business. Focus on the needs of your target audience,
what they would type in when looking for your products.
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