How to Combine Your SEO with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns HTML version

3. Meta Tags
Although many people incorrectly rely on them when performing SEO, META tags have
decreased in importance recently, but are still worth using for clarity and search results. Their
initial purpose was to help search engines find out important information about your page that
they might have had difficulty determining otherwise.
The Keyword tag is now the least important but is still used by some engines. As you never
know when the rules of the search engines will change, or a new engine will want them, so
take the time to include these tags in all your web pages. We recommend you do not overdo it
with meta tags as well; your Keyword Meta should not exceed 1024 characters including
If your site especially interesting for a specific geographic location be sure to include the
actual location in your keyword meta.
When performing SEO, you should always use the same keywords which also appear in the
copy of your page, title tag, meta description etc. Any keyword phrases which are used in
your meta tags only, will not have enough prominence to help your listings for that phrase.
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