How to Combine Your SEO with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns HTML version

2. Site Title
It is the most powerful SEO technique you have, so use it creatively! When search engine
results are displayed the title is the first thing people see.
Thus each page should have a different <title> with 2 or 3 of your keyword phrases at the
beginning. The title should explain in a few short words (your keywords) the intent of the
page. Don't put your company name first - place your keywords first and if you feel you
absolutely must have the company name in the title add it second.
Despite its importance, rather do not overdo it with the length of the <title> tag; 50-80
characters including spaces should be appropriate. And do not just list your keywords,
because you then risk being considered as spamming. Rather try to remain as close to a
readable sentence as possible. You also should make the title enticing, so that the viewers of
search engines listings will also click to see your website.
Below the <title> is a <description> which will be generally the first sentence on at page. The
Description Meta tag is also fairly important. Your description should also have 2 or 3 of
your keyword phrases at the beginning as so should your first sentence. Just like the <title>
tag, reflect the content and try to keep there no more than 250 characters including spaces.
Change the words around enough so that you can hit various typings of your keywords.
You should have a different title, description and first sentence on each page. You many also
want to try shorter titles with only one keyword or keyword phrase as this will raise you
keyword relevance. Also you can consider putting your domain name at the very end of the
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