How to Combine Your SEO with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns HTML version

1. White Hat SEO
There are 8 main components which determine your ranking on search engines:
1. Site Quality and Content
Create useful and comprehensive content that's related to your market
to keep your visitors there. Adding keyword-rich text that makes
sense and serves the concept of the web page improves your ranking
and keeps your visitors interested. The more text, the better for search
engine spiders when they index a website, it is strongly
recommended that your homepage has at least 200-300 “visible”
words. Moreover, the search engine spiders crawl especially the first
20 words of your website so try to keep an eye on them and make them really relevant to
what your site is about.
In addition, valuable, dense and regularly updated content is one of the most important items
you need for your website because visitors who stay longer while visiting a website help
measure the popularity of the site in the search engines. Therefore try to put at your
homepage such elements, content of which you will change regularly, e. g. news, events,
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