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6) Decide on your daily budget. Experiment with different daily budget amounts by entering
currency figures and pressing the Calculate Estimates button to update the estimates.
If you want to increase your traffic, consider increasing both your max bids and your
budget, because only increasing your budget doesn't necessarily increase the number of
impressions you'll get.
7) Sign up the form and enter your credit card details.
8) After finishing this, you will be sent a validation e-mail. To finish, just complete the
survey submitted by Yahoo! Now your campaign is on the way for success!
4. How to Run Your Campaign with
The most recent major search engine is MSN Search, owned by Microsoft, which previously
relied on others for its search engine listings. In 2004 it debuted a beta version of its own results,
powered by its own web crawler. In early 2005 it started showing its own results live. This was a
huge development for many webmasters, who seek inclusion in the major search engines. In
2006, Microsoft started migration to a new search platform - Windows Live Search.
The procedure is quite similar to the above-mentioned Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search
Marketing. Advertising on Live Search starts with signing up for an adCenter account. Once you
have done this, you can set up your campaigns using the following four steps:
1. Create a Campaign
Name your campaign and set targets and tracking preferences.
2. Build Your Ad
Compose your ad, provide the links (URLs) for your ad, and even customize your ad so you can
dynamically insert text.
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