How to Combine Your SEO with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns HTML version

Google has a built-in "conversion tracking" tool that's linked to AdWords. You put their code in
the "success" page on your site and along with your CTR statistics, Google will give the % of
visitors who opt in or buy in your weekly, monthly or daily report.
3. How to Run Your Campaign with Yahoo! Search Marketing
Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) is one of the most expensive, and competitive pay
per click search engine. If you are serious about generating targeted traffic to your site, but less
bothered about minimum (or maximum!) bid amounts etc. then you should consider signing-up
with Yahoo! Search Marketing.
1) First of all, go to and sign up for the “Sponsored
Search”. To start on your own, without assistance and fees, sign up for the Self Serve
2) Before establishing your account, select your country and click “Continue”.
3) Now enter the 40 best keywords that you found in the box on the left of the page. With
Yahoo! you have the possibility to re-organize your keywords by category, which is very
useful (Categories are names you assign to groups of keywords that are similar in a
particular way, i.e., product type).
You can use the keyword suggestion tool if you couldn’t find enough keywords. You just
have to enter your keyword in the keyword selection tool and click “Get Keywords”. To
add one of these keywords, simply click the tick box next to the keyword and it will
automatically be added.
Use the Keyword Assistant as well to select the most performing keywords:
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