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Û Use words like “new”, “free”, “limited offer”, “discount” to attract clickers.
Û Avoid superlatives like “the best product...”, “the most wonderful …” or “the top of…” It
is too basic and not pertinent.
Û Always include your exact keywords in the title of your ad. If searchers see the keywords
they entered in the title of the ad, they will likely click on it.
2. How to Run Your Campaign with Google Adwords
1. Google Adwords Fundamentals
Launched in 1998, the Google Adwords Program is now the leader in the pay-per-click search
engine industry.
How did Google manage to beat its competitors Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista…? By implementing a
completely new search engine system. Contrary to its competitors, Google doesn’t list ads by
only considering your bid or Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Google also checks if your clickthrough rate
(CTR) is high:
Number of clicks your ad received
Number of times your ad is shown (impressions)
High CTR = = 5.50 %
Low CTR = = 0.05 %
It means that with traditional pay-per-click search engines, you have to bid more than your
competitors if you want to get ranked first. With Google, you also have to get a higher CTR as
your position is determined by multiplying your CTR by your CPC:
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