How to Become a Man Magnet Today HTML version

Being a man magnet starts with how you think. Thinking in
the right way brings out the best in you; thinking in the
wrong way brings out the worst in you. Your brain, if
cultivated right, is the sexiest organ in your entire body. Let
me prove to you why this is exactly the case:
Let's start with a simple experiment.
I want you to go and ask the first man you see on the street
this question, “Do you know what time it is?”
Try to ask this question in a matter-of-fact tone that shows
you really need to know the time because you think you
will be late for an important meeting.
Observe his response …
Then, I want you to ask this exact same question to another
man you see on the street. Don't be shy! Go ahead and ask
this question, “Do you know what time it is?”
This time, rather than thinking that you need to know the
answer for a business reason, I want you to think that you
are talking to your hot, gorgeous lover who just spent an
exciting night with you. Imagine that you just woke up in
the most comfortable bed in the entire world and languidly
asked your naked lover, “(Darling), do you know what time
it is?”