How to Become Famous in High School HTML version

Chapter 1 Believe in ghosts
Chapter 2 Ride a bike
Chapter 3 Live near a highway
Chapter 4 Have a cool hangout
Chapter 5 Memorize your lines
Chapter 6 Take proud pictures
Chapter 7 Be a video hero
Chapter 8 Seek secrets
Chapter 9 Try
Chapter 10 Conclude your childhood
Chapter 11 Regurgitate
Chapter 12 Dare the devil
Chapter 13 Drive a cool car
Chapter 14 Buy your chance
Chapter 15 Solve the riddle
Chapter 16 Find true love
Chapter 17 Honor what is sacred
Chapter 18 Help your neighbor
Chapter 19 Don’t look back
Chapter 20 Walk the gauntlet
Chapter 21 Count the stars
Chapter 22 Place all bets on red
Chapter 23 Heed no advice
Chapter 24 Catch the tear
Chapter 25 Perceive beautiful things
The Mighty Melancholic
Beau’s Last Entry
Valedictorian speech
On the art of living