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This little ebook is dedicated to all of those stalwart Internet marketers who have tried and tried again but just seem to miss the mark


Written by a successful cynic from life experiences

You may be wondering, “Why would I want to avoid success?” Most people do this without any effort and others pour hours of their time and buckets of their money into online ventures and home-based businesses walking away, shaking their head

With the ease of a silver tongued liar, literally thousands of self-appointed “Internet Marketing Gurus” sucker desperate individuals into sending them money. This is a super business opportunity for the “Gurus”.

In this little book, I want to give you some substantial info and practical ideas to avoid the pitfalls. Stop feeding the sharks!

There are ways to find the right business for you, join for free, advertise for very little or next to nothing and discovering how
great it feels to plug into a system that works.

I will tell you up front This is not a how to get rich quick scheme.

00002.jpgThis is simply a guide to use to avoid the pitfall and traps



Avoiding the Pitfall

5 Rules to avoid trouble

RULE #1 Don’t let your need be governed by your greed. When your motivation is greed, you will often fall
for all kinds of well written HYPE!
There are literally thousands of Get Rich Quick
Schemes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
I have fallen for this many times. When an ad offers
thousands of dollars in just a few days, the only truth is
that the originator of the program is going to make this
NOT you.

RULE #2 Don’t use quick submission services. “Your add in 10,000,000 ezines”. Your ad will be put on every FFA (Free For All pages) on the Internet. This will result in your email in-box filled with thousands of spam emails and your virus software will be overloaded!

RULE #3 Do NOT spam or fall for “Buy my email list and send your ad to 24,000,000 opt-in subscribers”. These are harvested “SPAM” lists that will result in more

trouble than you can handle and possibly shut down of your website.

RULE #4 Make sure that you signup for affiliate programs that offer a legitimate product or service. Do a little homework before you make a decision to join.

RULE #5 Don’t fall for “This offer expires at Midnight tonight. Get in Now or loose” This is a squeeze page that is designed to intimidate you into fast action. 9 times out of 10, I have revisited these pages and found the exact same message.

There are many more “rules” that you will learn as you progress. Don’t give up. Simply use the brain that God gave you!