How to Avoid Success at All Costs HTML version

You may be wondering, “Why would I want
to avoid success?” Most people do this with-
out any effort and others pour hours of their
time and buckets of their money into online
ventures and home-based businesses -
walking away, shaking their head
With the ease of a silver tongued liar, literally
thousands of self-appointed “Internet
Marketing Gurus” sucker desperate individuals
into sending them money. This is a super
business opportunity for the “Gurus”.
In this little book, I want to give you some
substantial info and practical ideas to avoid
the pitfalls. Stop feeding the sharks!
There are ways to find the right business for
you, join for free, advertise for very little or
next to nothing and discovering how
great it feels to plug into a system that works.
I will tell you up front -
This is not a how to get
rich quick scheme.
This is simply a guide to use to avoid
the pitfall and traps