How To Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Reality HTML version

By Brown Landone
It is unusual I assume for a businessman to accept the obligation of
writing a foreword to a book of idealism, and
any attempt on my part to add to its spiritual content would be vain
assumption. But since I know of the
phenomenal results of idealizing the process, I can perhaps give some
measure of faith and hope to those who
have not always succeeded and who now doubt the possibility of making
their ideals become realities.
My certainty of the results of this process bases itself upon many years'
personal contact with the attainments of
Brown Landone, upon my own individual and business success in using the
process, and upon my intimate
acquaintance with the many executives who have with his aid made their
ideals come true. Some of these ideals
have been of the higher things of life; some of more mundane affairs,
such as increasing one's salary from two or
three thousand a year to a thousand a month or more by a few weeks' use
of the process.
Brown Landone, the man, like all of us, has his individual habits and
hobbies known only to intimate friends. For
instance, he never reads anything idealistic immediately before going to
sleep. " If I do," he says, " my mind
reacts and I have unpleasant dreams; but, if I read something weird, my
soul reacts and I live the night in a state
of high spiritual consciousness."
Then there is the passion of "cleaning up things." Today, this is most
annoying to some of the intimate friends
whom he visits, for no sooner is he in the home than he makes for the
basement or attic to satisfy his soul's desire
to make things clean. It is a passion with him; it was born in him. As a
child he would clean up his playroom
rather than play with his toys. When but five years old he became so
angry because the servants would not let