How To Develop A Super-Power Memory HTML version

How Keen Is Your Observation?
Does what you see register in your mind? Which
light is on top of the traffic light? Is the number six
on your watch dial, the Arabic #6 or is it the
Roman #VI? Other observation questions. The
importance of observation in memory.
Habit Is Memory
There is no such thing as a poor memory, only a
trained or untrained one. There is no limit to the
capacity of the memory. Lucius Scipio was able to
remember the names of all the people of Rome;
Seneca could memorize and repeat two thousand
words after hearing them once.
Test Your Memory
If you can remember any one thing by association,
you can do it with anything else. A series of tests
for you to take now to indicate how limited your
untrained memory is.
Interest in Memory
The first step is to be interested in remembering
names, faces, dates, figures, facts—anything, and
that you have confidence in your ability to retrain
Link Method of Memory
What the Link Method is. Use this method of
associating ridiculous mental images with items
you want to remember. Start to remember as
you've never remembered before.