How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster HTML version

so still I could hear groans of pain from somewhere outside the room. It may have been Taisei or Souta.
I prayed that they'd stay quiet, otherwise they'd be next on her dinner plate.
I heard the tatami mats creek and groan with every step the vile monster took as she crept closer and
closer towards us. Akito obviously shared my anxiety, and I could see beads of sweat trickling down
his forehead. We had taken refuge in the study, but I doubted the books and flimsy walls would provide
much support if push came to shove.
Did she know already? Had she heard us? Or maybe she was going to finally give up and return to
whatever hell she was spawn from.
My thoughts screamed “Please don't stop here, whatever you do please don't open this door!”
Bang! Suddenly the paper screen door went flying across the room. It hit the desk and splintered
into two. We all ducked down and covered out heads to protect ourselves from the debris, but
something must have hit N ina because she let out a cry of pain. N ina realized her mistake
instantaneously and her hands flung to her mouth, but it was already too late.
That was all it took. The monster knew we were here. Now we were definitely done for.
I peeked through a gap in Akito's hasty barricade of chairs and furniture and I found myself staring
at her in horror, unable to move or look away.
In my mind she was a possessed demon, but all that stood before me was an abnormally beautiful
woman with long raven hair, dressed neatly in a red summer K imono. She was smiling pleasantly
which would have caught anyone unaware (I certainly was). She was completely unharmed except for
her charred left sleeve which was almost blasted off by Itsuki's lightning charm. You may be wondering
why we were all so terrified and currently bleeding because of this pretty young woman, and the
answer was incomprehensible but simple.
She was a fox monster.
“Found you!” She called.
I expected Akito to have a plan (he had to have a plan) but all I could hear was his sigh of defeat. “It
looks like it's come to that,” he said.
What! It can't be? Don't tell me he's given in. I thought to myself. Akito, my teacher, had always
gotten my hopes up and quickly smashed them, apparently now wasn't going to be any different.
I tore my eyes away from my approaching death and back to Ak ito, who was now holding a knife in
his right hand instead of N ina. I was uncertain if he procured it from his clothes or desk, but the details
didn't matter anymore.
I forced myself to feel hope. Maybe it was a magical weapon that was highly effective aga inst fox
monsters. “Hey, Akito,” I whispered hopefully. “What's up with the knife?” I was looking for words of