How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster HTML version

Chapter 1
“Daisuke Matsumoto!” Came a young woman's sweet sing-song voice. Her words bounced off the
walls and echoed throughout our dark and silent home. Normally I'd be overjoyed to hear a pretty girl
call my name, but the sound of her voice sent nothing but terror down my spine.
“It's her, she's coming,” whispered Akito.
“But Mana!” I hissed hysterically. “We have to help Mana!”
The image of Mana lying face down in a pool of her own blood was firmly engraved into my mind.
Her short black hair was mattered and caked in red, and she looked beyond repair. The cute girl who
helped me on several occasions could be moments away from death if someone didn't aid her soon. I
jumped up and attempted to climb over the desk we were hiding behind, but Akito grabbed my shirt
and pulled me back.
“Don't worry about her! There's nothing we can do now!” He exclaimed.
“What! You can't be serious!” Mana wasn't my only concern. It was also uncertain if Kurumi and
Itsuki had survived being thrown at the wall. I wasn't sur e about the others. I had lost track of them
amongst the madness.
“How can you say that!” I cried. “Aren't you supposed to protect them. Isn't that your job?!”
“It's not them she's after!”
My mouth clamped shut. He was right. It wasn't poor Mana she was targeting, or Kurumi, or my
genius friend Itsuki. She only had one target in mind, and that person was me. I gave up and went limp.
He was right, it wasn't his fault, it was all mine.
The situation would have been more acceptable if I had done something to deserve this, like
throwing rocks at baby animals, or being an asshole, but I hasn't done anything to incur her wrath.
Everything had gone to hell just because my name was Daisuke Matsumoto.
Akito was holding N ina back with his other hand, but she wasn't making any attempt to escape. Her
long black hair was stuck to her forehead with sweat. She wasn't shaking with fear, but she was
abnormally silent and staring anxiously at the door like she had accepted what was to come. I couldn't
understand how she could endure being so still. If I was her I would have been out the window by now.
But maybe like me, she was also counting on Akito to protect her.
The monster ceased calling my name in her warped game of hide and seek, and all was silent. It was