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ther medical problems that may occur in your dog. In such cases your dog should be
dical problems can be:
e ses & Medical P
taken to a vet without much delay. The me
Bladder Stones
Cushing’s Syndrome
Spaying Incontinence
Urethral Obstruction
Urethral Prolapse
Tract Infection
Me ic blems
here are some medications that cause problems for dogs like lack of control over their
h a medication is prednisone - a steroid that
eir bladder and/or bowels.
d ation Related Pro
bladder or sphincter. An example of suc
relaxes control of the smooth muscle of th
Under such a condition your dog may become prone to accidents. You need to reassure
your pet that you are not mad at him and give him extra love and und
erstanding. If need
e, you can use a potty pad or doggie diaper.
Other problems owing to medications can be kidney failure.
Old-Age Problems
you note any of the foll
veterinarian. They are:
ith age your dog can be affected by a number of health problems. It is important that
owing symptoms and bring them to the attention of your
Dribbling Urine
Unable To Urinat
Kidney Failure
Do e ve the same attention that we give to our own health issues.
Do f lnesses as we do. Therefore, you should be aware of all the
iseases that may affect your pet, their symptoms and syndrome.
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To provide your beloved pet with a healthy life, you need to have knowledge of all these
diseases (some are even incurable), their prevention and cure. Ref
combat them.
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Injury Or Trauma