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Paper Training

This method can be u sed as a temporary method if the weather is bad. Medium or large dogs have too much urine and too much odor to their urine to be able to soak it up by papers. It would also make the papers too heavy and wet to fold up and put into the trash.

Select a convenient place like basement, bathroom or utility room in your home as the dog’s papering area. Do not select an area with a hardwood floor.

S tart with papering large areas and gradually as your dog gets used to it, reduce the space. Use the appropriate schedule for housetraining, but use the papers as her “potty place” and take her to them every couple of hours. Always praise her if she potties there. Do not try to train your dog to potty outdoors and indoors at the same time. Do not feed or play with your dog near the indoor place where he is supposed to potty. Be consistent and patient – indoor housetraining takes longer than outdoor.
Please not that many breeds are not suited for paper training. Only very small (toy) breed dogs or puppies younger than six months should be paper-trained.