Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide HTML version
out but remember — if you ignore his request or don't move quickly he'll have an
Schedule for Adult Dogs
You can use a modified puppy schedule to train a non-housetrained dog or one that's
having housetraining problems. Start from the beginning just like a puppy, use a crate
An older dog can be expected to control itself for longer periods provided you take it
outside first thing in the morning, after meals and last thing at night. Until they're reliable,
get them outside every three-t
o-four hours in between those times.
There are other potty training methods that you might want to teach your dog to suit your
lifestyle. Want to learn more about them in details and enhance your potty training skills?
Behavioral Problems
Successful housetraining can be hindered by a few behavioral problems from your pet
dog. Here are some of thos
e cases stated below:
en he feels threatened. He may pee
hen he is being scolded, beaten, abused or seeing a stranger. Although that person
the dog, but he (dog) perceives a threat. If this describes
aking him to the veterinarian to rule out any physical
Try to understand exactly what makes your dog feel threatened. Be aware of when this
happens and what occurs that leads to submissive urination.
ner or guests he likes it
ould be excitement urination. Excitement urination occurs most often during greetings
istinguishes it from submissive urination is that it is not
Make sure you play with him outdoors until the problem is resolved. Try to have your dog
outside when he greets you and do not greet him until he has eliminated. Keep all
greetings low key.
ng in small amounts on the same surfaces or it may be done on
ultiple surfaces. Usually the dog doing the “marking” will sniff the surface in a set
pattern before “marking” it.
and put them on a schedule.
Submissive Urination
dog that submissively urinates is urinating wh
may not actually be threatening
your dog’s problem, start by t
problem. If your dog is a male, have him neutered.
or playtime. The thing that d
accompanied by submissive p
Excitement Urination
f your dog eliminates when he gets attention, seeing his ow
Marking” is urinati