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Evil's Fingers
David Byron
That abomination, that quintessence of impurity, that extravagant showcase of grotesqueness that
lingers up and up into hideous formations unthinkable near the heart of Blackberry Forest is
sometimes called by the neighboring residents Evil's Fingers. At other times it has been
remarked as The Tree of Death, The Gate to Limbo, Evil's Treehouse, and many more phrases
designed to stimulate the imagination. These titles are, we regret to say, deserving, and there is
much evidence in support of the fact. Consider the greenish mist that literally hangs around and
about the immediate vicinity of the thing. Such a strange occurrence as it is could perhaps be
blamed on a pollutant of some sort, though that is highly unlikely considering that the inhabitants
of Blackberry Village and its neighbors have yet to reach a comparable industrial age. More
likely to be adopted is the notion that the mist carries with it some sort of supernatural influence,
a notion that many of the surrounding and established communities have subscribed to. Then,
too, there is the unusual amount of disappearances that have been taking place in Blackberry
Forest in relation to this tree. It has been said that if a person was to come in close contact with
the aberration they'd be lost in limbo forever. This is something that many a Blackberry villager,
as well as other inhabitants of foreign lands, has taken to heart.
But there is a group of people that don't take heed to the warnings and cries of the elder folk: the
children. The children of Blackberry Village and the other surrounding communities
occasionally find themselves romping through Blackberry Forest. And it just so happens that
little Timmy Hutchinson is one of those children. It was around midday during an early October
period. Timmy's recreation for the day began when he spotted a little gray rabbit near the
threshold of Blackberry Forest. The little gray rabbit was a fast and maneuverable one, but
Timmy managed to keep up with him most of the way. The little boy chased after the little rabbit
for about five minutes time, hair blowing in the wind while weeding through the onslaught of
plant life. Finally, and quite unexpectedly, little Timmy found himself tumbling feet first into a
pit of some kind. Looking down at his leg the boy perceived that he'd sprained his ankle. With
an effort, he managed to stand on his healthy leg, the other being reduced to laying limp on the
ground. He then cried desperately for help, hoping that anyone passing by would come to his
rescue, but none came during that first hour. In fact, none came during that first day.
Night had fallen and a chill was in the air. Little Timmy Hutchinson sat huddled in a corner of
the pit, trying to stay warm. The pit was muddy from recent rainfall and Timmy had gotten mud
all over his shoes and legs. He wondered what must be going on in the heads of his parents. He
wished that he could somehow reassure them that he was okay, and that he just needed a little
assistance in making it out of this pit. The boy had long since given up calling for help for the
day. Instead, he purposed in his mind to get some rest. But then something happened.
Timmy thought he could see the form of two misshapen figures standing over him and the pit. It
was too dark to get a good view of either one of them, but there was no mistaking it; someone