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Seasons pass, days leave and with every moment my heart
greaves . what am I to do of my pointless soul without a mate in my sun and a
purpose to my goals ?
As I go through the agony of life and look back at the happiness of the past
I remember how I thought joy was forever . sadly mistaken . with life’s
misery I wasn’t able to resist driving the blade threw my skin and watch my
blood go to waist ! no I did not think I deserved more or less . the pain was
enough and now I could rest my head on my pillow with a weight off my
chest !
Chapter 1
I hid my blade quickly . my dad was going to check on me . he had almost
opened the door when I threw my bran new blade under my blue pillow .
_ “hey kiddo , watcha doin’ ?” He asked apparently trying to make me slip and
tell him that I’m cutting again .
_“nothing daddy .”
_”ok .”
He went into my room and looked like he was searching for something .
_”looking for something dad ?”
I put my hand on my pillow . then I wished he hadn’t noticed that .he
didn’t , thank God !
_”ok then .” my dad said seeming kind of happy for not finding a blade in my
room . little did he know , he wasn’t wrong !
“I’m going down stairs . I’ll be in my office if you need me .”
He closed the door behind him as he left .
I didn’t feel like cutting anymore. I hid the blade in the space between my
bed and the mattress and went down for breakfast .
my brother was reading a book . something about the illuminati .
I just know he’s going to tell me that story again ! but I already memorized
it !
The iluminati was a group of Satanists working secretly against the freedom
of mankind . one day they sent one of their men out to deliver a letter . the
man was wearing a metal armor and there was a storm . thunder struck the