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Homo Sapience Joseph II

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Published: 4 years ago

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This book is an attempt to explain and define existence out from our `us`. This task had initially been presented to us about 2500 years ago by Empedocles of Agrigento. The symbolic tokens of `earth, air, fire and water are translated into contemporary terms of `matter, polarity, relativity and time/space` which are the features of existence by which we recognize this kind of a universe. Only the homo sapience is qualified to reach this stage since the personality of the self incorporated by the entity of our being is able to think outside this `boxed` position through our own kind of senses. These factors of existence are always being investigated by those who delve into the four fundamental questions, which are `who are we? where did we come from? where are we off to? and where are we?

Misty Livingston

Powerful theories that connect paganism with modern scientific beliefs. Very thought provoking.

Robert Woolley

I approached your book with a sense of credulity but as I read your work I found myself refining and sharpening my critical thinking. The content of your book speaks for itself but what came through loud and clear was your deep desire to make your mark (at 65 years of age)for posterity. I think you have done just that.Some people may want to parse grammar and syntax but how can you parse desire? After reading your book, I’m left with a sense of warmth and compassion for my fellow man. Not necessarily because of your book’s content but for its reason for existence.Thank you for these feelings and for your book.Robert



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