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One thing which used to attract me quite a bit was a
cartoon of „Dennis the Menace’, where he says „the main
difference between them, grownups, and we, kids, is that
the grownups take things which are meant for fun, very
seriously’, unlike kids. I also found, the grownups
sometimes take things meant to be of utmost importance,
not at all seriously. And there was no predictable pattern.
As I was growing up, in each and every stage of my
growth to a young man, I experienced many
embarrassing moments, due to the delays in appreciating
the true meaning that hid the intent behind what the
grownups say.
Notwithstanding best efforts, I couldn’t find an answer to
these questions and so far, all my efforts yielding no
results. And I always thought of myself as fairly intelligent.
I therefore thought I would travel in time, and ask the
other generations, whether anyone did succeed in solving
this. I now thought of the great Albert Einstein, my idol
since childhood, who theorized that time travel was
possible by bending time and space via the means of
gravitational forces, and I had implicit faith in that. One
way, I know, is to travel back in time, and to meet with all
that you are already aware of from various sources, and
perhaps discover the source of such a duality, the one
between our true intent and what we actually say. Another
way, which I found more interesting, is to travel ahead in
time to see what others are going to see in due course.
What is this duality, leading us to? From which, by
induction, deduce the cause? I chose the latter, a journey