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Whale Hale- Heavy lineman; CPR object, loses dad?
Hog Curtis- grows into body. Parents confront Skipper
Gloria Nugent- girl-friend of Doug Wohl
Henry- Old WW I veteran who works as the janitor at the Rocin field house. Has a run in
with Mr. Smith the Vice-principal.
Johnny Steptoe- Young kid who does nit have enough to eat. Skipper shares his food with
him, and starts buying him bread and peanut butter to keep in a locker so that he has
Dell “Clydesdale” Schrick - Large and raw boned youth, slow, but powerful at the T.E.
Jay “Juking” Jones- One of a pair of running backs. Can take a hit and keep running.
Mike “mincemeat” Mentz- A defensive L.B who can throw a football. Makes a great play
at running back for the pitch pass.
James Stuckey III- Star basketball players, wants to plat for Skipper, but parents would
not let him, so that he could get a B-ball scholarship.
Rico Vasquez- large lineman who is graduating Muley’s first year at Rocin. Fight James
after verbal exchange during lunch. Muley stops them, and Skipper sets-up the boxing
Shamus O’Rourke- One of the founders of the town; Rocin named after him: stubborn
mule, bad -tempered human.
James McStay- Another founder of the town.
School: Rocin High School in Central Texas , between Houston and San Antonio-headed
out I-10. The community is based on farming (this is starting to change) and is mostly
white in its make-up. Does have a growing Hispanic population.
Sister Mary Margaret - Muley’s Catholic elementary school teacher.
Mary Bella Koreneke- History department head at Rocin H.S.
Mrs. Shupac- Garage apartment landlady for Muley
Leon (Old Mac) McCall- old time farmer, retired and spend time in court house square.