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Home Town Heroes
By P.R.(Mac) McStravick
List of Main characters
“Skipper” O’Brien - A former Korean Marine who coaches in a small town in Texas. He
has decided that this is the year they could go all the way to the state play-offs. He has
decided to invest in a new offensive coordinator.
Emil ( Robert E. Lee) Lee Sanchez- Of Cajun/Spanish descent: a young man who is new
to Texas high school football, but a former college player himself. He has just been hired
by Skipper and the Rocin Bulls.
Bob Zeminski- a coach at Rocin High School. A former Vietnam soldier who is called
“Killer Bob” by the players due to his intensity and light amount of talking. Coaches the
linebackers and kick-off teams.
Harry Smith- Called “Handsome Harry” by the players. Tries to romance every woman
he meets and does succeed more often then not. Coaches the receivers and secondary.
David Sheppard- a troubled young man who is very close to Skipper, makes a mistake
and has the choice to go to jail or to prison. He has family trouble, and he a very talented
athlete. See Skipper as his father figure.
Deputy Zycheck- deputy who arrest and helps Skipper with David.
Vice Principal Smith- portly middle aged man , who has a inferiority complex, and is
jealousy of Skipper’s success.
Doc Woods- Town and team doctor.
**Father Tom Fitzgerald (?)- Catholic priest at St.
Reverend Hope- First Baptist of Rocin
Pastor Charles (Chuck) Neilson- Lutheran minister
David Shepard- former captain of football team, that got in trouble and had to join the
Anne Beckingdorf- nurse and wife of Muley Sanchez
Jimmie (Aussie) Knowles- QB move in from Australia
Doug Wohl- good player who gets in trouble with girl-friend and is suspended for one