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“Home Town Heroes”
P.R. (Mac) McStravick
2114 Musket Ridge
Richmond, Texas 77406
Ph. 281-239-8539
This book and all its properties are copyrighted by the Author
This book is dedicated to the Men, Women, Coaches, and Marines who have influenced
my life.
This book is also dedicated to my parent’s family, who have been my best friends over
these many years.
And, my parents themselves.
Lastly, this book is dedicated to my own family: Patrick, Megan, and Kaylyn, and in
particularly, to my loving wife, Peggy.
A special thanks goes out to the late Rosemary “Ma” Dunk, and Mike Tawney for their
encouragement and support,
And to those young men who have fought, bleed, and supported me on my own sports’
teams over the years- Thank you; I have loved you all.