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Cable Challenged? Not Anymore!

Special Reportand make it available to my subscribers since many of you are cable “challenged”… time to change that.

There are a number of different ways for you to hook up all those fancy boxes that convert your DVDs and satellite signals into the video and audio that we love… we do that by using home theater cables.

In building my 11 seat home theater in my basement, I did quite a bit of research into the different kinds of cables that can be used in a setup. I’ve learned that there is a quality hierarchy that lists the different formats.

Cable information is spread all over the Internet, and if you’ve got a week or so, you can go searching for yourself. There is one thing that you should know before you start your research… the Internet has become a place of garbage.

Gone are the days that let you search freely for good information, from people that actually knew what they were talking about. Right now, searches produce a number of sites that are designed to sell you cables, and unfortunately the information you’re going to get from these sites are biased towards the products that they are selling.

That’s where this special report comes in handy. I’ve spent a lot of time researching cables over the past 10 years, and now I’m going to spend a lot of time trying to write this report in a clear, concise way… so you’re not in the dark anymore.