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Home Sweet...Hell
As a person who searches for truth, I could spend 50 years working hard everyday
and still not understand the great mystery of life. Or, I could wake up one day and
know it all. It depends on my ability to find answers. As an individual, I have to rely
on others for most of my knowledge. Even then, my chances are slim that I would
know it all.
What if it is possible to have a source for truth that is not on Earth? If I was holding
Earth in my hand, I would probably know more about the universe than if I was a
microscopic speck on the planet. It seems obvious that if I want to explain life then
I should have a source of knowledge beyond what is available.
If we study history we will find that many of the answers are already there. There
are multiple sources of information that are not from Earth. As children, we are
told a multitude of lies. The masses dwell on daily life and only believe what we
can see or touch. Those who have access to knowledge given to them are likely
going to keep it secret and use it for personal gain.
The rare person who makes the commitment to searching for truth is one who
would also share the knowledge. The search would begin with inspiration, and for
it to continue, would need to have help along the way. By the time the truth was
discovered, it would be a joyous occasion. Sharing is one of the basic purposes in
As a writer, I have inspiration and a purpose. I may be trying to persuade readers
to consider a subjective matter. I may be relaying information I have discovered, or
I may be attempting to take the work of other writers and make it more effective.
With my efforts, I provide a tool for others. Anyone who cares enough to improve
what I write is welcome. I am trying to move forward rather than move backward.
In the recent past, I have written about truth. How long does it take for the written
word to be obsolete? If I utilize a vague approach, I can make my work stand for a
very long time. If I try and paint a picture that provides answers, it would be a work
in progress. I would need to add a few more brushstrokes as we discover more
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