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Home Sweet...Hell
that life has meaning. It is almost to the point where simple math proves that we
are spiritual beings living in a physical world.
I have found it to be a challenge to write about truth. Here in America, the land of
the free and home of the brave, we have to lie or face punishment. Those who are
successful know when to keep their mouth shut and when to lie. Telling the truth is
not in our best interest if we embrace success. It seldom does anything other than
give your competition some weapon to use against you. In fact, truth has little
value in our society.
The ego gives us ammunition against truth. It is easy to label an honest person as
self-righteous or delusional. Money is our obsession and offers tremendous power
to those willing to sacrifice personal integrity and hide behind lies and excuses.
Excuses are valuable tools in our pursuit of profit. The ego offers us so many
grand illusions to support the foundation for our false existence.
I decided to make a stand against injustice years ago as my writing suggests. It
comes at a cost, but suffering was already my companion so it is no big deal. The
difficult part is maintaining a positive attitude in a society where embracing truth is
so risky. It is sad that we need to compromise our belief system or be punished.
The trick, I think, is to know when to find your own true path.
My path however was going to include suffering, no matter what. I am still not sure
why, but I do know that it is in my core that I want to partner with truth. I really do
think truth is our future as a species, but it certainly is not our present. Hate is the
gift from society if we tell the truth. Fear is the gift no matter what we do.
Our world is right in front of us. We wake up each day and open our eyes,
welcoming an existence that allows us to experience life. We may dwell on
positives or negatives, or maybe we have no choice. Today may be based on what
happened yesterday, or how we hope to plan for the future. It would seem we all
have one common goal...to make money.
Is there another goal? Save the planet? Save the whales? Collect antiques? Or is
there something that is truly important? Selfishness is not a problem is it? Not
unless it is someone else being selfish? For those readers who realize that we all
have a purpose in our life, one that illustrates our true self, this is for you.
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