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Home Sweet...Hell
(by Wade Welch)
In the last few years we have become aware that there is a vast worldwide
distribution of archaeological evidence that proves we have a past that includes
civilizations superior to ours. The evidence suggests that scholars and scientists
are correct in their interpretation of science and history. All we have to do is dig in
the ground or dive in the oceans and we will have more evidence.
In the last thousand years or so, we have attempted to establish that we are
blessed beings who have been in existence for four thousand years or so. We go
into great detail to describe things that have no evidence and demand that we
believe or we shall be condemned. In spite of more ancient belief systems that are
still prominent; in spite of evidence that proves we had superior cities built tens of
thousands of years ago; and in spite of evidence of reincarnation...we cling to
false truths.
What makes us so severely limited in our abilities and so full of hate and fear?
The answer is very simple. We worship the ego. We worship ourselves. We
manufacture belief systems and demand that we focus all of our efforts on
extravagant half truths, or outright lies. We create social networks to control
politics and create wealth, and to condemn those who would seek truth.
The truth lies in ancient history, and we are reminded of this constantly. It gets to
the point where no one actually believes in anything other than the ego, as it tells
us that we are great. We are better. We are perfect. Our society goes down the
drain in blazing glory and we deny all truth. We may as well each take a picture of
ourselves and put it on the wall and worship that. Let's form a group and celebrate
how easy it is to worship a lie.
Under each ocean we have found ancient civilizations built in a manner we cannot
even begin to comprehend. We have these same great cities underground and
have dug them up. We have them above ground and in plain sight. We say it is
Satan trying to destroy our greatness. Oh hail the ego. Oh hail the ego. Only a fool
would cling to truth and defend all that is in plain sight.
We are going to discover even greater truths in the next few years or decades.
Maybe we already have and they have been kept secret. Either way, the truth will
get out. Each year we have more people who care about truth and understand
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