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“Champagne livingÈon a beer budget.”
How often have you heard variations of that theme? We all want to
maximize the value and utility of our expenditures, whether it is for cars,
TV’s, vacations, restaurants, or our kids’ education. And it’s no different with
our homes. In fact, because of the huge financial commitment, I’d say that
it’s more important to seek value in your home purchase and home
improvement projects than for anything elseÏespecially given today’s
challenging housing market.
Perhaps you are considering buying a home that needs a little TLC. Or
maybe you are considering selling your existing home. Whether your target
date is a few weeks or a few years away, you may be wondering how putting
some money into the house now will pay off later. But even if you simply
want to improve your home for your own enjoyment without any plan to sell,
resale value should always be a consideration in your planning.
Hi, I’m Laura. If you are a current or prospective
homeowner who wants to do some updating or
upgrading, welcome to my world. I started out 16 years
ago with a simple house and a few ideas for making it a
little nicer. After observing the residential housing
market and performing dozens of projects on several
homes over the course of those 16 years, I have arrived
at two somewhat startling observations:
1. Sellers are often unsure how to improve the image of their
homesÏresulting in lower sales prices and more time on the market.
2. Buyers often lack the vision for what a prospective home might
become with a modest investment in upgradesÏleading them to
pass on a house that might have been ideal for them.
Essential Tips Before You Buy, Sell, or Remodel A Home 1