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The man ran into a lake and the bear charged in after him. Out of the
forest, howling like a runaway 18 wheeler, striking like a Hell Fire
missile, Suzie, the man’s little Schnauzer dog, attacked. He later related
that a rattle snake protecting its young could not have struck more
viciously or with more speed.
Her Papa was in trouble. True to her nature, nobody and nothing was
going to hurt her Papa.
The stage was set. A 15 pound dog, seething with terror and rage, sank
its teeth into the face of a drooling 500 pound bear. We’ll never know
for sure, but Suzie must of known in her loyal, little dog heart that this
was going to be a battle to the death. Hers. No matter.
It was no physical contest yet little Suzie had 2 great resources at her
disposal to buy Papa some time. Love and commitment. Her Papa was
in danger. Her personal safety was not an issue.
The man had already suffered severe injuries from the bear, but by the
time Suzie’s ear shredding screams of agony had died away, her
diversion had bought him enough time to barely get away.
In Memoriam: Suzie
Little Suzie saw a terrible, urgent need; to protect
her Papa at all costs. She didn’t wait to see “how
things would turn out”, she did what she had to.
She took action. That was Suzie.
What about you?
A true story about you: There is a great, black beast stalking you
and your loved ones right now. It goes by many names: offshore
outsourcing, mechanization, efficiency, becoming obsolete and so
forth. The most dangerous parts of this beast are the incredible