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Oil or Acrylic – Making a Style Statement
How to Decorate High Ceiling Rooms with Multiple Canvases
There is no doubt about it that a room with high ceilings has a certain airy, powerful feel to
it that appeals to most everyone. High ceilings make a room feel bigger and more open,
even though the actual usable
square footage may be no different
than you would find in any other
room. The large expanse of wall,
whether it is punctuated by
windows or completely plain,
provides a sort of canvas, around
which you can design your whole
room. For some though, decorating
a room with high ceilings can be a
little intimidating. Finding artwork that will set off the space can be a real challenge. There
are many modern artwork styles that actually lend themselves very well to this sort of room.
One of the chief advantages of decorating a room with high ceilings is that you have the
option to mix and match multiple pieces on the same wall, without fear of overwhelming the
room, or overpowering the space. Pieces with different colors, textures and styles can easily
be used on the same wall, without competing against one another. Another great option is to
put together several pieces of artwork, on the same wall, that are either from the same artist
and collection or that have the same theme. This is a great way to showcase many modern
artwork styles.
When decorating a room with high ceilings, it is important to pay attention to the lighting in
the room. You want to make sure that your artwork – be it a piece of famous artwork, or
some more obscure piece that appeals solely to you – is showcased properly, and receives
proper lighting. The last thing that you want is for a beautiful piece to get lost in the shadows,
doomed to be overlooked and ignored for all time. Instead, make sure that you place your
pieces in such a way that the eye is drawn to them, and they get proper admiration by all
who enter the room.