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are many, many decorating styles out there, and what we’re going to
do in this book is present a lot of those styles and ways to recreate
them affordably.
Let’s start with some basic premises about interior design and
what it takes to make a great space.
The rules of interior decorating can be as solid as a rock or as
open to interpretation as the sky. But many experts agree that
learning the rules can be the first step toward freely breaking those
rules when necessary. Here are some of the decorating dos.
Do sketch your floor plan and record the room dimensions,
window sizes and placement, and the location of special
features, electrical outlets, and so on.
Take your floor plan with you when you shop.
Do identify the focal point of the room (a fireplace, a view, a
bed, an armoire).
Do define a room's style in writing , being specific. (Not just
"country French", but "French Country with a rooster motif,
chicken wire cupboard fronts, and a color scheme that includes
black and gold.")
Do pick a signature piece to focus your decorating decisions.
It could be a beautiful fabric, an area rug, a picture, a piece of
pottery, dishes, or a postcard. The item should embody both the
color scheme of the room as well as the style and mood you
hope to create.
Do take the time to discover your personal style by reading
shelter magazines, attending show houses, and browsing online
and in stores to learn what styles and colors really appeal to