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10 Easy Tips to Help You Create Your Own Website
1. Do your research. Take a look at sites similar to those you would like to have.
Take note of what you like and what you don't like.
2. There are many options available for hosting and designing so take your time to
look over the different options and decide what you are most comfortable with.
3. Realize that your website will never be complete. Over time you will want to
make changes and additions.
4. Be patient. A good website takes time to create and promote.
5. Experiment with different programs and designs. Web pages can be changed
6. Pay careful attention to your domain name. Make sure that it accurately depicts
what your site is all about. You also need to consider your keywords and at least
one of them should be included in your domain name as this will help with your
search engine rankings.
7. Seek out help from others. There are many message boards, forums and chat
rooms on the internet where others are more than willing to help you. So ask
8. Take the plunge and create your first site. As I have already said you can change
it later so be brave and just do it.
9. Many of the resources you need are available for free so do some searching and
you will be amazed at what you will find.
10. Read books on web design and web site creation. There are some great ones
available with much helpful information.
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