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You may ask why you would need an autoresponder when you can just email people yourself. Well you
could use a bulk email program to mail a monthly newsletter and just add new subscribers manually.
However this would take up a lot of your time as you would have to manually remove subscribers from
your mailing list who requests to stop receiving email from you. Follow up letters would be a nightmare as
you would have to make a spreadsheet to remind you which prospect had what email and when.
Prospects are also required to verify their email address before they receive any emails - which act as a
guard against people entering Autoresponder Email Addresses. An autoresponder is so much easier as
it puts the whole process on autopilot once you set it up.
There are two types of autoresponder tools. One is a program that you can install on your computer and
the other is an online version. I do not recommend the ones you install as they will require your computer
to be switched on most of the time. Online versions will keep your campaigns running 24 hours a day so
prospects can subscribe to your list at any time.
When you set up an autoresponder with information you are setting up an Autoresponder Campaign.
Many of the popular autoresponder tools allow you to set up more than one campaign and have them all
running at the same time. Each campaign keeps itself separate so you can have more than one mailing
list. Imagine having a list of people who read your newsletter and another list of people you are promoting
your products to.
In this guide I will be using the popular Trafficwave Autoresponder which is easy to use and very powerful.
Before we start with the lessons I recommend you subscribe to an example campaign. This will allow you
to see an autoresponder campaign in action. Click on the link below and you will be taken to a page where
you will be asked to submit your name and email address. You will then receive an email asking you to
confirm your email address by clicking on a link inside the email. Once you have done this then you will
receive the first of a series of follow up letters which will be sent to you daily.
Bear in mind that you can stop receiving these emails at anytime by clicking on the Unsubscribe Link in
the email itself. Once you do this then your email address will be removed from the system.
This guide covers how to use a selection of affiliate programs. In order to benefit from it you should at
least join Trafficwave so you can follow the lessons.
IMPORTANT: when you click on any of the links below you may be asked if you wish to Allow or Block
this website. You must click Allow because if you click Block you may never be able to open it again.
TRAFFICWAVE: This is the main program used in this course. A powerful newbie-friendly autoresponder
that allows you to create unlimited campaigns and recruit unlimited subscribers. It also allows you to
create unlimited tracking links, reminders and even promote other programs. You can also earn a regular
monthly income as an affiliate. You can get a free 30 day trial with unlimited use of the features.
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