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Home Bartending Essentials
Having good bartending skills and knowing your way
around your home bar will make you a very entertaining
host at any get together you are having. Bartending is not
complicated once you learn the basic terminology and
skills. Once you have that knowledge, you can easily
follow any recipe you find in a cocktail recipe book or
Our goal is to just give you the knowledge you need and
skip the things that you will never need to know. We start
with the basic terminology, next we move to what you need
to stock your bar. We quickly move to what tools you will
need and explain the basic techniques you will need to use.
Since it is sometimes hard to visualize what is written about
a technique, we have put in links to videos that should be
Now that you have the skills to bartend, we have included
some recipes to the most popular drinks. We can only
scratch the surface of the many drink recipes out there.
You should be able to find many more on your own. This
is one of the funniest parts of having a home bar. It is fun
trying out new recipes.
We then answer a few common party planning questions
and then as an added bonus, we have include the popular
Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe and a few more of our
favorites. Now let’s get started.