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I wanted to be everywhere
So I built a cage
A large cage
A glass cage
And in the cage I sat
And as I sat I pondered
And the conclusion was this
If I am to see everything, I must be everywhere
So I built a nest
A large nest
A glass nest
And I slept within the nest
And as I slept I was devoured
Piece by piece
Fed into the mandibles of knowledge
And upon nine legs I walked
To roam and see with a million eyes
Viewing all in tiny parts
Which added together equalled one
And when my wanderings were done
I found I had the answer
- further education -
It's wet out again,
and your tears run down
the windowpane.
Touching them brings you back.
Damp patches on my fingertips,
cool receptacle of our love.
Your tears are salty
as I savour their memory.
Salty, soft and tentative.
This one, our wedding day;
your face is reflected in its shape,
framing your beauty from within.
Here, our child's first hurt.
You cried with her. I,
not being there, cried later.
The harsh taste of your mother's death;
as she gave up her struggle
and left you behind.
All things wiped away now
With the edge of a curtain.
- my first divorce -
My incubation took aeons
for buried deep I was.