Hole HTML version

A hole is nowt,
So what's about,
And then a shout,
"Oy mate, look out!
Too late John,
Poor bleeders gone."
- a comment on building sites -
Touch me lightly
For the pain I feel now
Is the pain of love
- those first few seconds of falling in love -
She split her eyes at ten am,
Shrugged her body out of bed,
Scuffed across the cold, cold floor,
Stood at the sink and nailed her head.
The coils hung down - limp and dank,
She knew it needed washing now,
She popped her tongue and told herself,
She wouldn't do it anyhow.
The coils slid round her dirty throat,
And as she choked upon the floor,
She wished she hadn't left it now,
Should have washed it long before.
- sylvia’s hair -
Little Lacey Tickle tumbles,
Falling down gives a laugh,
Scooping suds upon her head,
Smiles at mum while in the bath.
- a friend’s first child -