Hole HTML version

Walking the empty beach,
the smell of youth fresh on the wind.
The sound of rock'n'roll crushing the sand.
And there you were,
alone and shining,
cradled in fine grains, glinting and winking.
Fascinated, I picked you up
and felt your freshness run through me,
as the vein of red ran through you.
Having held you so, I could no longer let you go,
felt repugnance at leaving you behind.
But after so many years, such sharing,
I've moved on; outgrown our oneness,
ready to turn over new stones,
while you lay discarded at the back of my drawer.
- growing apart -
The mewl of the seagull
and cawl, cawl of the crow.
The bleat of the lamb
and growl of the passing car.
The shifting stones of the shore
and the undulating yap of the dog.
The howl of the wind
and the rattle of the branches.
The sounds of silence.
- country living -
Someone once told me that men,
as opposed to women, bless them
Nice tits
Think about sex every few minutes.
What a load of rubbish!
Wow, look at her
Men, as opposed to women, bless them,
are logical, not emotional.
Great legs
So it goes without saying,
but I'll say it anyway
Don't stop - jiggle, jiggle
That this is a right old load of poppycock.
I mean, come on guys, be truthful now.
Is sex really so important
or wouldn't you rather have a pint?
God, look at the bum on that!
- no comment -