Hole 7 HTML version

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“Par!” The woman yelled enthusiastically as she lowered her putter
club and walked to the hole to collect her ball. With a smile, she turned
to her flight mate.
“Hey Craig!” she smiled as he attempted to chip from the edge of the
green. He looked up and smirked. “What? I have to focus if I want to
keep up with your score, miss pro player.”
With a grin, she stepped back and watched him chip the ball...and miss
the hole by an inch. She had trouble keeping a straight face as he
grimaced and walked to his ball, finishing the putt.
“Well, that’s minus three for me and four for you.” She winked at him
as she wrote down the score. He raised an eyebrow at her and collected
his ball, walking back to his golf bag and putting his club away.
“I’ll kick your ass on the next hole.” He smiled as they both walked
with their bags to the path that would lead them to the next hole.
“Hole seven.” He commented dryly on the small board that noted the
distance from tee-off to green.
“Hey, there’s a bathroom here. Mind if I take a short break?” she
pointed at the cabin next to the tee. He shrugged. “Go ahead.”
With a thankful nod, she dropped her bag and removed her glove and
entered the cabin. He stretched his sore limbs and cursed the woman
for being such an amazing golf player and being so nonchalant about