Hiring for a Perfect fit

Hiring… For A Pe rfe ct Fit
In today’s ever-volatile workplace, we see an increasing need to hire and place new employees
with greater effectiveness than before. There are no longer time or budget allowances that give
us the flexibility to interview and hire other employees if the first person does not work out as
planned. What this means is our plan must work right the first time.
What that would entail is understanding how the potential employee thinks, acts, is motivated and
functions under stress. An impossible task? No!
It begins with talent. Obviously, you want to hire (and retain) those who bring the most and best
talent to your team. Here you will find the information and tools you need in order to hire those
talented individuals who are also behaviorally and characteristically a “perfect fit” with your
With the information contained in this e-book, you will have the tools to hire employees to fill
some of the most common positions in your organization. You will be able to do so effectively,
with greater assurance that the employee will function well in his/her new role, and with a better
understanding of that employee’s loyalty/longevity to the company.
Through the use of my four-step process; the DISC Behavioral Model; and the Personalities,
Interests, Attitudes and Values profile; we will examine ways to perform enlightening interviews
with tremendous results.
XB Coaching, Inc. offers both of these assessments (along with dozens of others) at
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