Hillary of Nibiru HTML version

Hillary was quite often told how beautiful she was, and would one day become.
The compliment meant very little to her. Her mother, Carolyn Penrose was much more
receptive to this sort of praise. The socially conscious and ambitious woman has once
tried to enter her in a beauty pageant, but Hillary would have none of it. Now by contrast,
if there had been a reading contest for young girls, then she surely would have entered.
Books were a vital part of Hillary’s life. She had learned to read at an unusually young
age. Her mother never failed to mention this to her relatives and strangers they might
meet. It was not a matter of showing off for her; it was just that reading came very easily
to Hillary. Her passion for words had lately become all encompassing. It was surely her
father that played some part in this aspect of Hillary’s character. He was determined that
his daughter surpass in intelligence all of her peers. She was very early on impressed with
the need for knowledge. Alphabetic flashcards and the latest “young genius” electronic
gizmos were her principal playthings.
It was not unexpected that her father, Charles Penrose should have been so keenly
determined to push his daughter to scholastic aptitude. He was decided that his daughter
would not be thwarted in this regard as her had been. Though born into an affluent
Boston family, Charles’ father was not a believer in excessive book knowledge. The elder
patriarch was a classic self-made man that had made his fortune with his hands, not the