Hillary of Nibiru HTML version

Chapter 1
Hillary J. Penrose sat alone in her large bedroom, as she often did, that cold and
blustery winter morning. A powerful North Eastern storm shook the panes of her
bedroom windows. It was typical Boston weather for December. Hillary felt warm and
cozy under her down-filled duvet. She gazed ahead at the flickering flames from the
fireplace. Her bedroom was a little different from those of other girls her age. Then again,
most things about Hillary were a little different. There weren’t any movie of rock star
posters adorning her walls. Instead, she had very specifically chosen the design of her
bedroom. The ceiling of her room had been carefully painted to look like a perfect
summer sky, with fine little fluffy clouds against a deep azure background. A magnificent
medieval castle, replete with high turrets, a moat and a drawbridge had been painted on
the far wall by her window. The wall by her bed had been painted to resemble an endless
three-dimensional green hedge maze. In the corner of her room a massive, ornately
carved mirror stood imposingly. Hillary was also lucky to own an extensive collection of
interesting stuffed animals. There was a huge, imposing brown kangaroo, a smooth roan
colour stallion, a black and silver Gryphon, and many more. One of more would often
accompany her on one of her many adventures. She also never traveled far without her
pocket princess doll, and of course Digby, who followed her everywhere.