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Hidden in Plain Sight: Earth is Not a Globe, and It’s Not Spinning

[Hidden in Plain Sight: Earth is Not a Globe, and It’s Not Spinning – Simona Rich]
If you want to understand what’s going on in the world today, firstly you must know
where you stand – literally.
And as you’re going to find out from this post, you have been deliberately
misinformed about it.
If you don’t know where you literally stand, how can you be sure about anything
And that’s one of the main reasons this lie has been spread.
Indoctrination since birth makes people not see the
Since our birth, we are told not to trust our senses, not to believe in what we see, but
to trust the ‘authority’. When children, who are yet incapable of properly reasoning,
are told that teachers know everything, they believe this to be true. So they
don’t question the disinformation that they are fed with, like that Earth is a globe and
that it spins, and these false beliefs become the basis from which they judge
everything they see in the world usually for the rest of their lives.
If something doesn’t fit with this false basis, the false basis is never questioned, but
the obvious observed facts are. Because how can you question something which
you believe to be absolute truth, and thus beyond any doubt? That’s why people
don’t wake up to see the truth – they don’t even know that they judge the world
through a false prism.
This false theory is one of the greatest deceptions ever concocted necessary
for the elite to get in control of the masses. Another is Darwinism, and another –