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some therapist I don't give a damn about. on my way home I was
constantly cursing my luck,god,the doc....everyone who
contributed in bringing me back from the realm of ultimate bliss to
this lifeless life. this incident was another blow to my close to
extinction confidence. I can't properly die even.
Back to hell: a place where I "live". I was welcomed by usual silence.
I have a job but I am broke. every last day of the month I have
money. but the next day I am broke. I cash my salary the very next
day. bring it home & tear them into pieces. for me they are just
piece of paper or probably less than that. I don't regret doing
this......it gives me peace. its like my drug.
U must be thinking how do I complete my needs like food & other
necessities. I've got a rich dad. a dad who didn't came to see me in
the hospital. a dad who doesn't care if I am dead or alive. got a call
from office I've been given leave for 7 days to recover myself.
FEB 9,2013
k......it's therapy time...I'll bunk. What should I do? now that I've got
so much time in my hand. suicide? I think I should get a break. I
decided to write a letter to god. I got a pen &paper & started
Dear god,
As you must be knowing that I badly want to meet you. I've fixed a
date for that. "14th FEB,2013" it is! do not forget! After so much
struggles & unsuccessful attempts in meeting you, I really want
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